-Solid pine, or poplar jointed cabinet.

-Solid wood speaker baffle for the best sound reproduction.

-High quality transformers wound for an awesome sound.

- Point to point eyelet boards and all hand wired.

-Highest quality components including Sprague Atoms capacitors, Xicon Capacitors, Sprague Orange Drop or Mallory 150 tone caps, phenolic sockets, ceramic sockets, and Switchcraft jacks.

-All amplifiers are 100% hand wired one at a time with the utmost attention to detail, grounding, and biasing.

-Most Mammoth amplifiers have Weber speakers, but Celestion, and Jensen vintage speakers are available.

-Quality tubes including: Ruby, RCA, Electro Harmonix, JJ's, and Sovtek.

-An optional line out jack can be installed with a volume control.


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